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Your composition of ingredients
Your favorite Pizza

Quick Baking

Excellent quality

One price,-

34,00 PLN

"Be an Artist
  your Pizza!”


Features of our pizza

Neapolitana-type pizza dough with a rectangular form, but with the same dough weight. for round pizza (280 g)

Hand spread pizza dough

The ripening time is at least 24 hours, which affects its digestibility

High quality of selected original Italian products


Quick baking, less than 5 minutes

Pleasant atmosphere. Social & friendly style.


"out of passion for Pizza"


Don't wait any longer, visit Łapu Papu and taste real Italian Pizza!


Adama Mickiewicza 6, 27-600 Sandomierz


Sunday-Thursday: 14:00-22:00

Friday-Saturday: 14:00-22:00


Tel:605 403 094


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